About My Prints
Giclee Prints
This form of printing is called "Offset
Lithography".  It is done on a large
printing press that puts down four
colors; red, blue, black and yellow at
four different passes through the
press.  It is a timely process and has
been used for years as the foremost
printing of paintings until the invention
of the computer.
The word Giclee (zhee-klay) is a French word
meaning to squirt.
Giclee Prints are generated from high
resolution digital scans of my original
paintings and printed with archival quality inks
onto various surfaces including canvas, fine
art paper and photo base paper.  They are
crearted using  professional 8-color to
12-color ink-jet printers.  The Giclee printing
process provides better color accuracy than
other means of reproduction, and allows the
buyer to choose the size of print they prefer.  
It is the foremost printing method of today.